What is eSave.net™ ?

eSave.net™ is a user friendly internet-based software that has been developed for establishments that specialize in providing food and beverage for their patrons. It is user friendly and can be used in restaurants, bars, country clubs, catering companies, schools, and any other location where purchasing food is an operational task.

In today’s tough economy with limited budgets and tight consumer spending, competition should be encouraged among your vendors. Our program allows companies to regain or maintain control over their purchasing. eSave.net™ is designed to assist in every aspect of the ordering process, from planning to reporting across all departments involved.

eSave.net™ will never tell you what to buy or whom to buy from.

eSave.net™ allows any purchasing agent to manage their ordering from anywhere in the world. Our system is so precise that it breaks down each product to the lowest unit of measure. For example, our system can break down pricing of a case of sugar or toilet tissue down do the packet or sheet respectively.

You will keep all of the same vendors, sales representatives, and even the delivery driver will remain the same. eSave.net™ will help you place orders efficiently and electronically. No more phone calls, messages, or pesky representatives disrupting the flow of business. We also help you to strengthen relationships with vendors by giving them an opportunity to provide pricing on all of your items and gain a larger share of your ordering - if they can remain competitive.

Our system also compiles data on all of your products, respective pricing, history of purchases, and trends of pricing. This information can be sorted however you choose, exported into spreadsheets, and narrowed down however you choose. With eSave.net™, you will be well informed of your pricing prior to ordering and level the playing field between owners and vendors.